This software is developed with a view of covering the entire Devasthan processing. There are about 12 modules on our Win e-Shrine ERP Software, we have developed this product based on the inputs we received from various temples which comes under Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of Tamilnadu. It mainly covers the following Modules:

This module will handle all the financial related transactions & reports related to temples

Single Voucher Entry can appear in Cash Book, Bank Book, Cheque Expense Register, Voucher, Shroff Chitta, Transfer Entry, Ledger, Group Ledger, Budget Report, Budget Variance Analysis, Receipt & Charges Report - [ R&C ], Cumulative Yearly R&C.

When Voucher integrated with another form we can get BRS Statement, Consolidated BRS Statement, Deposit Register, Advance Register, Money order Register, Cheque Register and Hundiyal Opening Register

Devotees will get the SMS confirmation apart from receipts for the donations they made.

All the receipts will have the BAR code and QR code for additional authentication.

All the reports which need temple authority’s attestation like Hun-dial collections, cash book and bank books are digitalized and uploaded for future verification.

Budgeting for the income and expense of the temple operations are highly complicated and very much tough to maintain it manually, but on computerization it can be handled within a fraction of seconds.

Contractor / Tender deposit amount and its distribution could be managed very easily.

Employee advance and its refund can be handled effectively

This module will handle all the stock / Item related transactions & reports related to temples.

All High value materials like Gold / Silver ornaments and vessels used regularly and occasionally on the Sannithis are accounted with weight, values, videos & photos (five sides). This will facilitate the temple authority to track it very easily and maintain everything without any alteration / misuse.

All Low valuable things like Furniture / Fans etc can be tracked very easily even with the location where it is placed in the temple.

Able to track all the movable assets whether it is in the working condition or under repair or disposed thro’ auction / free offerings.

Indian & foreign currencies and coins, gold & silver ornaments and other precious items collected thro’ hundials are also recorded and easily tracked at any time by the temple authorities and their auditing team.

Annadhanam Transactions are especially made for temple

ROL Intimation to relevant department heads.

This module will handle the transaction related to Advance and Current booking of special dharshan, Poojas, Prasadham sale, Parking tickets etc. Current booking are executed thro' transaction terminal and Advance booking are executed thro' system and printer of their choice.

Devotees can get various types of tickets for Poojas and Dharshan on the same counter on a single hand held machine itself in fraction of seconds.

Ticket collection details will get updated on the system on every sale and so it is very much comfortable for temple authorities to track the collected ticket funds within few seconds.

Ticket User can be managed thru' Software admin by changing them in Desktop Client.

Ticket Price also changed by Software admin thru' Desktop Client.

Ticket Machine can communicate to Server thru' GPRS & Network Cable.

Anyone can use hand held machine at anywhere; it will work only with his privileges.

Ticketing Dashboard will show user wise, pooja wise, sannathi wise, last year vs current year collection and consolidated collection etc.

This module will handle the rent / lease collection and tracking of their land and buildings.

This will also handle the income received thro' tree & crops on their land.

Capable to trace the asset details immediately, as each and every temple is maintaining plenty of properties donated by the devotees.

Enable to recover the property if Kattalai ( Edict ) was not properly paid or performed as per the instruction assigned by the donors.

Facilitate to have full control on trees count and its value on time to time.

Enable to provide the required POOJA materials including NEIVETHYAM for each and every Sannithi based on the day and festivals

It easily handles the demand collected for lands either as cash or grains.

Survey Drawing & Plan Approval Image uploads with Land Details

Land Lease & Building Rent Up-gradation with proper periods tracking

Single Click to see Demand / Lease Defaulter list

This module will handle the diadem cloths received from devotees, handle the stock management and auction / free issue operation.

On Parivattam, devotee name will be registered against their offerings and so the accountability is in place for the offered materials, this will facilitate the temple authorities to trace or track it at any point of time.

Materials received from devotees will be maintained with proper barcode for trouble free sale thro’ auction.

Donated / used materials can be easily audited & the value can be approved by supervisors.

Material starting value Vs sold Value can be tracked very easily.

Materials issued by the temples on sponsorship to any orphanage, old age home etc can be handled perfectly.

Temples used to maintain plenty of bank deposits, as Temples used to get donations from devotees thro’ Hundial, direct deposits, money orders and on line payments.

Temple authorities won’t have the rights to use it directly for their regular expenses; they need to deposit it to the bank as fixed deposits to generate interest income for the temple.

Due to this, temple used to maintain hundreds of fixed deposits and it is not feasible to track it perfectly thro’ manual operation.

Computerization will give proper reminders on maturity of each and every deposit and so the renewals will he happen without any delay.

Temples need to maintain the deposits on banks with the ratio assigned by the board.

They need to maintain the deposits on nationalized banks, Co-operative banks and Private banks etc. as per the ratio assigned by the board. Tracking this manually a tedious process and computerizing will give this ratio on each and every deposit and withdrawals. This will help the temple authority to maintain it perfectly as per norms.

Splitting the fixed deposit and merging the fixed deposits on its maturity will also be so easy on computerization.

SMS & E-mail Intimation of Matured Transactions before ‘n’ number of days - specified by the user.

Investment history, 5 levels of Parent & 5 Levels of Child.

This module will handle the estimate / quotation transactions.

Tracking works & its completion level for different projects in a single screen

Budget cost Vs actual cost tracking.

M-Book Management

Quotation & Tender Status tacking.

In tender, Estimate Vs Actual Cost (expense tender) can be calculated easily.

This module will manage the employee's salary, loan, advance, PF, ESI, attendance, promotion / increment; arrears and maternity leave related transactions and reports.

Increment on DA can be calculated & will be affected on the employee’s present salary.

Attendance input / Attendance upload & salary calculation will be done very easily.

Loan deduction / Insurance deduction can be easily deductable & easily traceable.

Employee Service Registers are easily maintainable.

Bank Statement for Employee’s Salary transfer are easily manageable.

This module will handle all the legal issues related to Lands, Buildings, Employees, Trusties and third parties etc. This will provide complete information about all the legal proceedings filed by the temple authority against third party and vice versa

Suit Vs Land Details tracking

Suit Vs Lawyer tracking

SMS / E-mail to remind adjournment before ‘n’ number of days set by admin.

Previous Judgments Tracking

Stop / Start Collecting Demand / Lease from Tenant under Legal issue.

Court & Lawyer Expense tracking.

Executive Petition filing follow-up/reminder thru’ SMS & E-mail

Temples used to have legal issues on their properties due to non receipt of rent for long periods / not vacating the place even on completion of the agreed period / encroachment etc.

Most of the legal issues are not handled properly due to lack of information about it.

Mostly the legal issues are civil in nature and so it runs for 20 to 30 years, tracking is the major task for the temple authorities.

It also gives the complete details of the advocate who handling it, total expenditure and deposits so far made for each and every legal issue.

This module will handle the room bookings on of-line pattern.

Can generate receipts on check in and Bills on Check out etc.

Different Categories of Rooms on single Check-in and level of Room Swapping.

Advance collection / Check out reminders

Car Driver Mobile Search

Rooms Availability for next 30 Days

Dashboard with Multiple levels of Reports & Graphs

Availability of the rooms at any point of time based on the check out time of each and every room.

If needed, it is highly possible to display the rooms availability also to the devotees thro’ big size screen (LCD Screen / Panel Board etc).

SMS reminders can be sent to the devotees for check-in and check-out well in advance.

Room maintenance also can be handled with proper frequency with proper authentication, this will facilitate the temple authority to track if any complaint raised by the devotees.

This module will provide solution to the temple to arrive the cost of production of every prasadham items and its selling price along with inventory, production and its sales management..

Bill of material for production are in place.

Real output quantity can be tracked if production quantity may increased / decreased.

Cost Analysis can be done easily.

With Cost Analysis admin can find the profit ratio and he can increase per item, per quantity pricing according to the input of profit ratio.

Wastage can be calculated and tracked easily.

Based on the sales analysis report admin can plan for the production of each and every prasadham items.

On ticketing machine enablement (connected with GPRS / Network) at Prasadham counters, admin can easily track the real position of the quantity needed for the remaining day to be produced if they have minimum stock. This will also facilitate the admin to update the stock immediately to the counter where the stock is very low.